Owning a rifle which shoots Sub-MOA (1” groups at 100 yards) was once reserved for those custom rifle owners who had deep pockets or the guys who reloaded religiously and had the time to find that sweet spot. Occasionally, a person would get lucky and get a factory gun that would shoot lights out and when they did, they would never get rid of it.

Thanks to Nosler and the Model 48 Liberty rifle, everyday shooters without the deep pockets, can now own a rifle that shoots consistent MOA groups with factory ammo and have a guarantee behind it.

Nosler has been a household name for well over half a century due to their great bullets. They have been building rifles to test these bullets in for quite some time now as well. In 2005, they started delivering custom rifles to consumers of the highest quality. This has yielded numerous awards and accolades from the outdoor industry and now in 2016 they are producing production rifles with the same high quality standards.

Production rifles are done in small batches to bring costs down, yet will still deliver high quality. The Model 48 Liberty comes in numerous calibers from the 22-250 all the way out to the 35 Whelen. But their most well-known cartridges that are setting the world on fire are the .26 Nosler, .28 Nosler, and .30 Nosler, which are all powerhouse cartridges capable of taking down anything North America has to hunt. Each rifle comes with a Model 48 custom action, which is contoured to accommodate any standard 2-piece scope base that would otherwise fit a Remington 700 rifle. It has a custom hand tuned trigger set at 3- to 4-pounds, side mounted rocker safety and every action is proof tested to ensure it can handle overpressure if it ever happens.

Barrels are premium, hand-lapped match grade with a target crown. Stocks are an aramid fiber reinforced composite stock that are both lightweight and extremely durable. An aluminum core provides a consistent foundation for the action. It has a glass aluminum pillar bedding. Each rifle is finished with a Cerakote all-weather finish that will last for years. One of the most important aspects of each rifle is that is has an MOA accuracy guarantee with prescribed Nosler Ammunition.

We have put this rifle to the test here at Sportsman’s News and it has delivered way more than promised. We have been able to achieve 1/4 MOA groups with Nosler Factory Ammunition.