By Eric Christensen

Traveling to your favorite camping location is something most of us look forward to after a long week of earning a living. Nothing will ruin the trip more than a tent that doesn’t hold up during the night. Most inexpensive tents only last a few trips up the mountain each year. Springbar tents are a perfect marriage of a wall tent and easy to set up camp tent. The Highline series are made of Hardyduck 100% cotton duck canvas. Hardyduck is made of strong woven canvas. The material has a very smooth surface to resist snagging and tearing, yet will hold strong in windy weather. The canvas will actually start wearing-in after each trip instead of wearing-out like most other outdoor tents.

The Highline 8 will house a queen size inflatable mattress and lots of extra gear inside. Unless you’re a prospect for the NBA, most of us will be able to walk around the tent easily with a ceiling height of 6’8”. The perimeter of the tent uses strong rope with “hooked” stake loops to quickly secure the tent to the ground. The vinyl flooring helps protect the tent from water and sharp objects. The vinyl flooring will also wear longer through many seasons of foot traffic. The Highline series features a covered entry, which will help keep the weather off of you when stepping out of the tent.

These Springbar style tents are easily constructed with just a few steel poles that can be done effortlessly by one person. Some of my favorite memories are sleeping in wall tents as my dad experienced when he was a kid. The wind and weather seem to be held at bay when inside the canvas. The weight and design can take a beating from the rain and snow, all the while brushing it off and getting ready for more. The Springbar tents are not designed to put on your back and haul them miles from the truck, but rather a secure and solid tent that offers plenty of space to sleep up to eight adults comfortable.

If you’re looking for a tent that can keep the cool weather out, durable material that will last many seasons and keep you comfortably safe while out enjoying a family outing, then you should consider purchasing a Springbar Highline series tent. While making a living in the outdoor industry, I’ve got to test out many different tents and products. Springbar Highline tents are made to keep your family dry and comfortable. The Highline series is offered in a large, 8-person tent and a slightly smaller 6-person tent. Each tent has the same design, just a different footprint size depending on your needs.