By Michael Deming

With summer in full swing and half of 2016 already in the books, we are starting to plan, scout and execute our fall experiences. This time of year is one of my absolute favorite times because the sky is the limit. What I mean by this is that the bucks, bulls or in my case, the bison of my dreams are all possible! That next world record just might be ours. These visions become goals and give us the drive to shoot hundreds of arrows each day, spend countless hours at the rifle range, hike to the top of the mountains to train and get up early to catch that glimpse of a trophy animal we hope to put a tag on in the fall.

Each and every year, the Sportsman’s News Team enjoys tremendous success in the field. Many people say that we are lucky and I would chalk some of our success up to luck for sure. Everything does need to come together to make it happen and there is definitely some luck involved. However, dedication, commitment and a lot of hard work go into our preparation for each and every one of our team members. Long days and lots of time away from our families is the name of the game to get this so called “luck” each and every year. However, I wouldn’t change a thing about what we do. It is very rewarding in the end.

The byproduct of what we do here is that we get to test just about every piece of gear in the outdoor market. Some of it is just fresh lipstick on an old pig, but there are often some new and innovative products that not only revolutionize the industry, but also change the way we do stuff. With over a thousand man days in the field, we get to see what will succeed and what is just marketing fluff.

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