Back to basics! It is truly amazing the amount of information and knowledge you gather over years of being in the field; especially when you spend a lot of your time with other professionals. I’m talking about men and women who spend hundreds of days a year in the field and help themselves, as well as clients, harvest animals consistently. We often take for granted the knowledge we have acquired over all these years. Just as Sitka Gear refers to their Pro Staff as Professional Athletes, that’s what we are.

I often make the assumption that someone who has been an outdoorsman or woman for a number of years has an equal amount of experience and I find myself not sharing my knowledge with them on a basic level. However, with the Pro Membership Sweepstakes, we have had the opportunity to take average, everyday people on world class trips. Even though these winners might have hunted or fished for years, most don’t know what we know and they are a sponge when it comes to picking up tips and tricks to make them better in the field.

Over the past few months, I’ve had many conversations about this exact thing with other professionals and the true art of being an outdoorsman or woman is not being passed down to the masses. Here at Sportsman’s News, we feel that it is time to go back to the basics in that manner. You will start seeing columns in the paper as well as video on our YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms sharing some of the very basics to help people get started in the outdoors. Whether it is hunting, fishing or camping, you will have a resource on how to be a proficient outdoorsman or woman. So, make sure you pick up your copy of Sportsman’s News each and every month at Sportsman’s Warehouse or get a free digital copy delivered to your email by signing up.

Those of you who want an opportunity to travel with the Pro’s should become a Sportsman’s News Pro Member. This is the largest outdoor sweepstakes in history and for those that win, you will be in the field with one of our team members to share the experience as well being part of the video of that event. We will once again provide more than $300,000 worth of trips, guns and gear throughout the year. These are the very best trips with the very best dates with our Platinum Approved Outfitters, which have been thoroughly vetted over the past twelve years. In most cases, we have booked these trips two years in advance to insure that we can have the very best trips. We do a major giveaway every ten days and this gives our members something to look forward to nearly each and every week of the year. These are also great gift ideas.

Some of our largest giveaways this year include another Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt in Sonora, Mexico; Dall Sheep hunt in Alaska; Kodiak Island Brown Bear hunt with world famous outfitter Larsen Bay Lodge; and a 4th season landowner voucher and fully guided hunt with Colorado Hunting Expeditions in Dolores, Colorado, which is the region where the world record typical mule deer came from back in 1972. The center spread of this issue shows you all of the giveaways for the next 12 months. So, if you aren’t a member as of now, you might just want to consider it. The odds of winning are way better than trying to draw most of the good tags of the west.

We film each and every one of these drawings and post them on our YouTube channel so that you can see the process. If you would like to see the process or become a member, log onto Once you become a member, you will be entered into all 36 grand prize drawings for the entire year. We also usually giveaway between 3 and 6 bonus prizes  in each drawing as well. This consists of knife sets from Outdoor Edge, Alps OutdoorZ packs that we use here at Sportsman’s News and also Sig Optics is providing us twelve of their rangefinders to give away throughout the year, and much more. Lots of great prizes for all of those who enter.


Michael Deming