We have completed the outdoor industry show circuit for the year. This includes trade shows like the Archery Trade Association show, Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trades show, ICAST, and the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. These are massive outdoor industry shows where the manufactures of everything outdoors comes together to show the world what is new and exciting in their lines for 2017. I truly love each and every one of these shows because we get to put our hands on some of the latest and greatest products we will likely see on the shelves sometime during the year. Every year the new technology takes massive leaps and bounds and it comes in full force into our industry. Some of these products fill voids, which I knew we had and would like filled and other products fulfill a need I didn’t even know we had. I asked the team here at Sportsman’s News to pick out a few products throughout this show season which they felt fit these parameters and we have them in this issue. Don’t miss this section of the March issue of Sportsman’s News on page 31.

Another article in this issue you won’t want to miss is the Pro’s Tips on page 10. It is something new and exciting for us here at Sportsman’s News. It is a way of us giving back to our wonderful industry and the outdoors which, have given so much to us. I don’t want to take away from this short column as it rolls out, but make sure you take a look at the article and all things affiliated with this project.

As you look on the back cover of this issue, you will see that Sportsman’s Warehouse is opening up several more stores in 2017. The red dots indicate the new stores for 2017 and hopefully you are fortunate enough to have one of these great new stores coming to your town. We live in Cedar City, Utah and our grand opening will have already happened by the time you are reading this. Our community is ecstatic with this new store, which provides them the ability to get a huge selection of outdoor equipment at great prices. I get to hear this whenever I visit these stores around the country. Sportsman’s Warehouse prides themselves on having knowledgeable staff who are always willing to help their customers. I’m just happy to have one of these locations in my backyard.

The 30th of March will mark the 2nd anniversary of the Sportsman’s News Pro Membership Sweepstakes and the completion of giving away over a half million dollars of trips, guns, and gear. It is very exciting to have started this program as well as watch it grow. My vision when we launched this was to provide an opportunity for people to spend a few dollars that they normally spend at a banquet for a marginal dinner and some mediocre prizes, for a chance to win a true trip of a lifetime. We have some of the best mule deer and elk hunts here in the west, secured several years in advance, so we can give them away. True once in a lifetime trips, like brown bear hunts on Kodiak Island, Desert Bighorn Sheep hunts in Sonora, Mexico, and Dall Sheep hunts in Alaska. Every ten days, we do a giveaway, which we film and send out to our members. We not only do a grand prize giveaway every ten days, we also do bonus giveaways from great companies like Browning, ALPS, Outdoor Edge, Sig, and many others. We will give away 36 grand prizes and over 200 bonus prizes in the next 12 months and you can become a member at any time.

Membership has its’ benefits as well. You will get Sportsman’s News Magazine delivered to your mail box twelve times a year, but most importantly, you get five tickets in every one of the drawings. All of our new members, as well as renewing members, will receive one of the Eastmans’ Research Books, worth $50. We refer to this as the Hunter’s Bible, as it has everything you need to know about hunting units in the west, as well as trends in trophy quality. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for sharing in our passion for the outdoors.