By Mike Deming

I harvested my first rabbit at 4-years-old, first mule deer buck at ten, and my first elk at 12. I was fishing at 2-years-old and doing overnight camp outs during this time as well. Hunting, fishing, and camping were more than hobbies and more of a way of life to my family. As an adult, I’ve spent nearly all of my vacations doing the same and for the last fourteen years, I’ve done it as a profession. So, it’s safe to say, that at forty-nine years old, I’ve got more than a PhD in just about everything outdoors.

These great adventures and knowledge were instilled into me from generations of outdoorsmen, and for all of those folks in my life, I’m thankful. However, there are millions of people out there who didn’t have those mentors, but would still like to enjoy the outdoors. I know this because I get a lot of questions from people through my personal e-mail about everything regarding the outdoors. We have done many articles throughout the years on all things outdoorsy, however, they are always written for people who have a general knowledge of camping, hunting, or fishing.

When you have done this for so many years, you forget that there is a pretty big gap between basic knowledge and no knowledge whatsoever. Many people are afraid to ask questions and interact in public about subjects they are not very familiar with and for this reason, we are going to write more stuff from a very basic level. We will also be launching a new YouTube channel, which will cover everything you could imagine, about all things outdoors. The Amateur Outdoorsmen will be up and running by the time you are reading this article.

This will be a growing community of people with a lot of content. Since there are so many things to cover, you will see new content on a weekly, if not daily basis. Video will be the format for all of this “How To” information. The Sportsman’s News team has well-known professionals from every aspect of the outdoors and we will build a large library of information from within this key group. However, when we need to fill a niche in areas where there are others who know more than us, we will bring in outside sources to give you the best information.

I know the benefits of days spent in the wilderness and I want to share that experience with all who would like to enjoy the outdoors. My three daughters usually hate the idea of getting away from their electronic devices to where it says, “No Service”. However, the times away camping, fishing, hunting, and riding ATV’s are some of their very best family memories. Parents who have never experienced the joy of this have no idea what they are missing. Experiencing nature up close and personal gives those who do it a respect for it unlike any other. Being able to pick a camp spot, provide shelter, and catch your own dinner ,as well as share that with the next generation, provides a sense of accomplishment.

I’ve been blessed with some of the very best trainers in this as well as a career opportunity to become knowledgeable. So, it is time to share that knowledge with others who want to enjoy the great outdoors, but didn’t get the training. Become the hero for your children and share uninterrupted time with them in the outdoors. Become a member of the The Amateur Outdoorsmen community on Facebook, YouTube, and our new website. All it will cost you is the time you spend learning.