Spring has sprung and hopefully Mother Nature has given up her grip on most of the country. This means that its’ time to start hitting the outdoors and enjoying the longer days. Whether you’re a fisherman, hunter or just like being outside, these are truly some of the nicest days of the year and a great time to “take it outside”.

The April issue of Sportsman’s News has a lot of great information and we are happy you took the time to pick up this free issue. Each and every month, we provide you with information on some of the very best products available on the shelves of Sportsman’s Warehouse. We have put many of these products to the test and if they can handle the punishment we dish out, they are likely to be a very good investment for your outdoor arsenal.

Many of these great products get a testing which includes a full video product review. We take this process very seriously and many of these products have been in our hands for nearly a year. During this timeframe, we film all the things we do with these products. If and when they get our stamp of approval, we produce a complete video product review where we will tell you all of the features and benefits of the product as well as the people who might really benefit from purchasing it. We also provide tips and tricks to get the most out of these products that you purchase. If it makes the cut, you will get to see a short synopsis of those videos in the pages of Sportsman’s News with a QR code link to the video. If the products don’t make the grade, we just won’t waste the ink in the paper or the time in production, producing the videos.

Make sure you become a subscriber of our YouTube channel at SPORTSMANSNEWSTV. You will be notified of every video product review we release as well as some exciting adventures. Every month we do 4 to 8 different video product reviews. If there are products you would like to see us review, send us an email at info@sportsmansnews.com

April is the height of the turkey season and this issue has several different articles on specifics of the sport. The main feature article has some of the essential products which make filling that first tag of the year a little easier.

The Pro’s Tips article is written by one of my good friends, Michael Duff, of Utah. He is truly one of the most hard-core shed hunters I’ve ever been around. He started doing it with his father at a very early age of life and he and his twin brother, Tommy, have been over nearly every mountain in southern Utah and northern Arizona in search of these treasures. He has put together a great article about the great activity which is a good read. Now that most of the western states have lifted the ban due to the harsh winter conditions, it’s time to start seeing what animals survived the winter and will be there to pursue this coming year.

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