For the past ten month’s we have been running a contest on the Sportsman’s News Television DVD series, which is sold at the cash register of every Sportsman’s Warehouse. For every DVD purchased, you had the ability to register that DVD online at Each entry would allow you one chance in the drawing for a premium Utah trophy elk hunt, which will take place this September. During this timeframe, there were over 100,000 DVD’s sold, but a minimal amount of entries. Since there was no restriction on the number of entries any one person could have during the runtime of the contest, many people capitalized on the opportunity to buy as many DVD’s as possible. Brian Nelson of Sparks, Nevada had a total of 14 entries into the contest on May 31st and it definitely paid off. He was selected as our winner and will be headed to Utah during the prime of the rut this September. We want to give Brian a special congratulations on this big win.

You will be able to see the results of his $15,000 hunt later in the fall on another episode of SNTV. It will also be a great time to register that DVD purchase for the next big thing. After our trip to New Zealand this year and with all the feedback we received on social media, we figured that it would be a great grand prize to give away next. So, we went extra big with this thing. We are going to give away a trophy red stag/tahr hunt combination for one hunter and one guest at the Woodbury Safari Lodge on the South Island of New Zealand. The winner can shoot a stag up to 400 inches SCI scoring method and the biggest tahr possible. In addition to this week-long hunting trip, we will include airfare for two from the nearest major city to the winner. The contest began on June 1st of this year and will go through May 31st of next year. There will be a good number of bonus prizes given away as well. They will consist of several Browning rifles, ALPS OutdoorZ packs, and more. So, don’t forget to pick up your SNTV DVD at your Sportsman’s Warehouse store whenever you check out. There is no limit to the number of entries you can have and you can still donate your purchased DVD to the troops. All you need to do is register your purchase online at and put your transaction code, which is on the receipt, as well as the store where purchased, date, and minimal personal information, so we can verify your purchase when you win. This entire package is worth over $20,000 and Sportsman’s Warehouse employees are eligible to participate. Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play.

With all of the big game drawings completed, it is time to figure out what you are going to do with that premium tag for the year. This is the time of year that I get the most calls. The excitement for most, is something I truly enjoy. Most people have waited years and in some cases decades to draw that premium tag and now they want to make the most out of it. I don’t blame anyone for that, but my best advice for those of you heading to the field with that premium tag this year is to “enjoy the experience”. The limited entry tags have the potential to deliver an animal of a lifetime. However, most people are visiting a unit that they have very little or no experience with and you are hunting an animal that has lived there his entire life. So, you are starting off a bit handicapped out of the gate. These premium units draw some of the best outfitters in the west as well as hardcore trophy hunters who practically live in the unit to get the most out of the tags. So, if you don’t know the unit and don’t have the money to hire an outfitter, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be on the cover of Eastmans’ Journal with the biggest animal for the year. Enjoy your time in the woods with family and friends and savor that tag you spent so much hard-earned money acquiring.

Best of luck to all this year.