I hope that all of you are enjoying a wonderful summer. It is truly a great time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. You have picked up this copy of Sportsman’s News either on the way into the store or on your way out. We truly appreciate your patronage and hope you enjoy this current issue.

Whether you are picking this publication up for the very first time or whether this is a must-read whenever you stop by Sportsman’s Warehouse, I would like you to understand a little bit about what goes into filling these pages and why you see what you see.

We started this service fourteen years ago and our entire philosophy was to provide customers with some real world field knowledge about the products sold at Sportsman’s Warehouse. What this means is that everything you read about in the pages of Sportsman’s News is about a product you can either pick up at a store location or order online. There is lots of marketing hype out there about just about every one of the products on the shelves, but we cut through the hype and put these products to the test and give you real world experience, which can’t be gleaned from just a quick fondle at the store. We often get these products in hand from six months to a year before they ever hit the shelves of the stores. During this time, we will utilize these products in the field and put them to some serious use. Our team here at Sportsman’s News will likely spend more man days in the field during a season than most people will spend in 5 years. So, if a product will stand up to the punishment we put on it during a season, it is likely to last a really long time with normal wear and tear.

We do the same thing with outfitters. A fully outfitted trip can be extremely expensive and unless you know someone who has visited one of these destinations, you could very well spend a whole bunch of money for a substandard trip. Each one of our cover stories is based on a trip with an outfitter we have personally visited and with whom we have had a great experience. I won’t say that we are successful on a hunt or fishing trip every time, but I will say that the outfitter has done a very good job of taking care of the things that they are personally responsible for. We always ask ourselves, “if time and money were no object, would we be willing to come back to this place?” If I can answer “yes” to this, we will give them our Platinum Approved Outfitter endorsement. We will usually revisit most of these places every two or three years to make sure they are keeping with our standards. It doesn’t take much more than a divorce, death in the family, or drugs, to change how someone runs their operation. We want to ensure that the outfitters we are endorsing are truly the best in the business.

We also purchase some of the very best trips from these vetted outfitters to give away in our Pro Member Sweepstakes. Every ten days, we give away some of the very best trips with the very best outfitters. These are trips like brown bear hunts on Kodiak Island, Alaska; desert bighorn sheep hunts in Sonora, Mexico; trophy red stag in New Zealand, as well as everything in between. Trips like this are up for grabs every ten days and getting five tickets in every one of those drawings for a full year will cost you less than a dollar a day. A complete list of the next twelve month’s giveaways are in the center page spread of this current issue.

Everything about Sportsman’s News is designed to make the most out of your hard-earned dollars. Whether it is a new pair of binoculars or a trip of a lifetime, we want you to feel confident in your purchase by knowing that Sportsman’s News has your back.
Best of luck with the upcoming seasons and enjoy the last of this great summer.