You get 5 chances for each drawing for less than $2.00 a ticket. Here is a list of all of the GRAND PRIZE winners of the Pro Membership Sweepstakes as of September 10th, 2017. Go to for your chance to win.

Mike Barrick – Hunt Hard Trophy New Mexico Elk Hunt

Paul Harris – Papierski’s Big Game Hunt Antelope with Rifle Package

Russ Tolbert – Wild Alaska Fishing trip for 2

Alan (Red) Steele – Renfro’s Alaskan Adventures Brown Bear

Gordon Warren – Pybus Point Lodge Fishing Trip for 2

Robert Valdez – Browning X-Bolt Medallion 7MM

Don Tubbs – J&J Trophy Elk Hunt

Jonathan Hart – Atkinson Expedition Eastern Colorado Trophy Mule Deer

Kevin Sloan – Browning BAR LongTrac Stalker 30-06

Lonnie Stout – Badriver Birds with Kent Danjanovich and Silver Pigeon Shotgun

Richard Moysh – Davine Springs Ranch Trophy Texas Whitetail

Keith Hudson – Sako A7 7MM

Brandon Simpson – Tumbleweed Lodge Hunt for 2 with SN Team

Barclay Swan – Open Creek Outfitters/Elk Hunt

James Jeude – Beretta A400 .20 Gauge

Troy Holm – Alaska Statewide Guides Dall Sheep Hunt

Greg Abbott – WRO Mexico Trophy Mule Deer Hunt

Charlie Loan – Browning X-Bolt Composite Stalker .270

Doug Dolph  – Itcha Mountain/Trophy Black Bear

Jeff Sposito  – Alaska Raven Guides Boat Hunt for Trophy Bears

Kevin Orton – Browning Maxus 12 Gauge

Rick Hudon – Leaf River Lodge Caribou Hunt

Lee Guest – Backcountry Hunts/Trophy New Mexico Elk

Nicholas Grams  – Vortex Optics Package

Dennis Alger – Dove Island Lodge trip for 2

William Green – Ranchland Outfitters Whitetail

Frank Scopa – Sitka Gear Package worth $3500

David Willis – J&J Premium LE Trophy Elk Hunt in Utah

Brent Nelson – J&J Outfitters Trophy Mule Deer

Bond Isaacson Jr.- H&K USP 40 Pistol

Jereald Bouwens – Canadian Moose Hunt with Big Sand Lake Lodge

Thomas Taylor – Nootka Wilderness Lodge Fishing Trip for 2

Bret Smith – Browning BLR .308

Chancy Cathcart – Red Stag and Tahr with Lindsey Frasier Safaris

James Ferguson – Hunt Hard Elk Hunt in New Mexico

Bohm Townsend – Sako A7 7MM Long Range Rifle

Merle Plank – Big Sand Lake Lodge Pike Fishing Trip for 2

Thomas Sawyer – Papierski’s Big Game Hunts Colorado Elk Hunt

Kasey Christensen – Browning A5 3.5″ Mag 12 Gauge with Realtree Max-5 Camo

Landon Sorenson – M2D Properties Trophy Elk/Whitetail Combo Hunt

Barclay Swann – Bighorn Outfitters Whitetail hunt for 2

Jason Yoder – Sako Finnlight 85 7MM

Bond Isaacson – Ranchland Outfitters Waterfowl Hunt for 2

William Kite – Steve Jones Backcountry Hunts Texas Aoudad Hunt w/rifle package Xbolt Composite Stalker in .300 Win Mag

Chuck Sharp – Browning Maxus Shadow Grass Blades 12ga. Shotgun in 3 1/2″ 28″

Dustin DeCroo – Stillwater Outfitters waterfowl hunt for 3 with Shotgun package    Beretta A300 Outlander

Galen McGhee – Sonora Mexico Trophy Muley Hunt with WRO Mexico

Jarrod Erdody – Browning Long Range Hunter Buckhorn Tan .26 Nosler with Nightforce SHV 5-20X56 MOAR with Illumination

Gary Lutes – Tumbleweed Lodge Pheasant Hunting Trip for Two

Dennis Dunn – Sonora Desert Bighorn Ram with WRO Mexico Outfitters

Scott Cupp – Browning X-Bolt 300 WSM

William Kite – Alaska Kingfishers King Salmon Fishing trip for 2 at Nushigak Camp

James Haden – Open Creek Outfitters Wyoming Elk Hunt

Vickie Detloff – Browning X-Bolt .338 Win Mag

Kevin Sloan – Antelope Hunt with the Sportsman’s New Team in Wyoming Trophy Unit

Butch Beardsley – J&J Outfitters Trophy Elk Hunt on Folley Ridge

Stoney Wolsey – Vortex Optics Package

Shawn Christensen – Itcha Mountain Outfitters Trophy Black Bear Hunt

Jack Miller – Pybus Point Lodge Fishing Trip for Two

Daniel Pokorny – Browning X-Bolt Stainless Steel Stalker 7MM

Randy Laumb – Alaska Raven Guides Trophy Brown Bear Hunt

Terry Herndon – Arrowhead Outfitters D.I.Y. Caribou Hunt for two with Gear

Leland Ward – Sitka Gear Package worth $3500

Michael Dufflemeyer – North 49 Trophy Whitetail Hunt

Cody Adams – Ruffo’s Sportsman’s Lodge Pike Fishing Trip for 2

Mike McNett – Bad River Bucks and Birds Late Season Pheasant Hunt for 2

Casey Reynolds – Davine Springs Ranch Trophy Whitetail Hunt

Lenn Coons – Bighorn Outfitters Trophy Mule Deer and Whitetail Combo Hunt

Chad Coburn – Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker .270 WSM

Ralph Crystal – Tazin Lake Lodge Fishing Trophy Lake Trout Fishing Trip

Bret Dolph – M2D Camo Properties-Elk/Whitetail Combo 1/1

Randell Heath – Alaska Boardwalk Lodge Fishing Trip for 2 with Chad LaChance

Ryan Booth – Colorado Hunting Expeditions 4th Season Trophy Mule Deer

Darrick Congdon – 777 Ranch Trophy Whitetail or Exotics Hunt

Bret Reynolds – Browning A5 Stalker Composite Black 12 Gauge

Hal Perkins – Papierski’s Big Game Hunt Trophy Mule Deer and Elk Combo Hunt

Sarah Holcomb – Tsiu River Fishing Trip for 2

Jonathon Hart – Browning Maxus Realtree Max5 3.5″ 12 Guage

Andrew Lutzy – Majestic Valley Outfitters Trophy Mule Deer Hunt

Edward Chacho – Larsen Bay Lodge Blacktail and Duck Combo for 2

Raymond Baker – Camp Chef Pellet Grill Setup with all accessories

Vickie Detloff – Tumbleweed Lodge Pheasant Hunting Trip for 2

Steve Linder – Mexico Sonora Desert Mule Deer Hunt

Bret Reynolds and Kenneth Spanton – 2 Sitka Gear Package worth $2000 Each (2 winners)

Jeremy Bates – WRO Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep

Chad LaChance – Larsen Bay Lodge Brown Bear Hunt Fall 2018 for 1 hunter

Dustin Decroo – Browning Maxus Golden Clays 12 Gauge

Richard McElveen – Vermejo Park Ranch Trophy Bison Hunt for Hunter and Guest

Shan Miller – Dall Sheep Hunt with Alaska Summit Guides