THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!!! In June of last year, we launched the Sportsman’s News Television DVD New Zealand Red Stag & Tahr hunt promotion. By purchasing a SNTV DVD at the cash register and either keeping it for your own entertainment or by donating it to the troops, you have been able to register these purchases on the homepage for one chance to win this world class giveaway. May of 2018 is the last month to get your registrations in to be considered for this drawing. There is no limit on the number of DVD’s and entries that you can purchase. You can register as many as 100 DVD’s on one receipt as well. This trip is going to take place in April of 2019 and is going to include round trip airfare from the nearest major metropolitan airport here in the United States to get the winner and one guest over to Christchurch, New Zealand on the south-Island.

The lucky winner is going to have the opportunity to harvest a red stag of up to 400” SCI measurement as well as a trophy bull Tahr. This is a package worth $20,000 and we are getting extremely excited to see who the lucky winner is going to be. All customers of Sportsman’s Warehouse, as well as employees of Sportsman’s Warehouse are able to participate in this great drawing. Only Sportsman’s News employees are exempt. We will be doing the drawing for this giveaway around the 10th of June, so make sure you get your entries completed by the 1st of June which is the deadline to be included. You must register your purchase on the website, as a purchase is not an automatic registration. Best of luck to all of those who have purchased these DVD’s.

This giveaway has been very well received and we are in the final phases of committing to the next drawing. I would like to let our readers have some input on this process as well. We have a deposit on a New Mexico private land bull elk hunt for the fall of 2019 as option one. Option two is a Sonora Mexico Mule Deer hunt which will take place in December of 2019. We have been on both of these hunts and I will guarantee that the winner is going to have the time of their life as well as probably have an opportunity to fill a tag on a world class animal. We know that everyone doesn’t like to hunt, so we will have an alternative trip lined up for a fishing trip to either Canada or Alaska by the time we announce this giveaway. Please send us an email to with the subject line saying “2019 DVD Giveaway “. In the body of the email, let us know what trip you favor the most and we will let your votes dictate the finalization of this grand prize.

We know that this is a huge giveaway and it’s extremely exciting to be part of it. The Pro Membership Sweepstakes at gives away a trip similar to this caliber every ten days. The website will show you everything we will be giving away over the next twelve months and the center page spread of this issue has them all as well. Another Stag/Tahr hunt combo is coming up on our regular draw extremely soon. If you like the excitement and anticipation of winning a world class excursion, guns and lots of gear, make sure you become a member. We give away 36 grand prizes a year and lots of bonus prizes along the way.