Nearly every state in the union has a free fishing day and a good majority of them take place during the month of June. This is a great time to share the great outdoors with your neighbors, coworkers or anyone that has spoken up about your social media posts with a stringer full of fish. Visit your states game and fish website for specifics on this program. Most states allow youth to fish without a license as long as the guardian has one, but this program pretty much allows everyone to fish without spending the money to buy a license. The employees in the fishing department at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse will get you all set up with the appropriate gear required to catch some fish. Each store has an updated fishing report of the area which will give you a good idea on where to go as well. It’s good to know that the game and fish in most states heavily stock the common fishing places prior to these dates to insure a great day on the water and the future of this great outdoor activity.

Most of the western states’ drawing deadlines have come and gone. There are still a select few to apply for if you haven’t been fortunate enough to draw a tag. Idaho is one of the very last available states to apply for elk, deer and antelope. So, if you haven’t gotten a tag yet, don’t miss the June 5th deadline for Idaho. It is a state that doesn’t build bonus points, which puts everyone applying with the same odds. Our team utilizes the Eastmans’ Journal and Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal for insightful information on good units to apply for. We have a couple of outfitters we work with in Idaho and we would be happy to share these hunt units as well as the outfitter should you opt to go this route. Feel free to call us at the office for recommendations.

We just visited one of these outfitters in Idaho this past week and took the time to do some practice shooting. June is a great month for some long-range shooting practice as the weather has usually stabilized and the hard winds of spring have started to subside. This is usually the case in the mornings for sure. Taking a shot out past a few hundred yards at a live animal is considered unethical by many. I would agree if you don’t take the time to practice. However, during this time of year, we will burn through thousands of rounds polishing our skills. This is also when we test new guns, mounts and optics to make sure our setups are the best that they can be come fall time when we have a tag in our pocket. With Father’s Day in June as well, you can ask for a few boxes of ammo instead of a tie or a new coffee cup. It’s fun to share that time at the range with the youngsters anyway.

June is a huge month for our DVD giveaway as well. We will be doing the New Zealand Stag/Tahr combo hunt giveaway for two somewhere around the 10th of June. This giveaway is pretty special because it includes a red stag for up to 400” SCI scoring method and a big bull tahr. It will also include round trip airfare for two from the nearest major metropolitan airport. This package that we have put together is worth $20,000. I will be along on this trip to film the experience as well. Make sure you follow Sportsman’s News on Instagram and Facebook so you can see if you are the lucky winner. We will also video the giveaway and post in on the Sportsman’s News YouTube channel (sportsmansnewstv). By becoming a subscriber on this channel, you will automatically get an email about the drawing as well as all of the video product reviews we do on some of the latest and greatest gear. This promotion has been extremely successful and well received by the consumers. So, we will immediately start the next giveaway. We were asked by a lot of people why we don’t give away a fishing trip instead of hunting. It was just how things were set up this year. This next giveaway, we will offer both a fishing trip as well as a hunting trip. The first person drawn will have the choice of a world class fishing trip or a big Sonora Mexico Mule Deer hunt. We will draw a second winner and that person will be given whatever trip is left. Best of luck and buy your DVD’s. P.S. – Don’t forget to register them.