Month: July 2018

American Bison in the West with Rancho de Chavez

By Mike Deming In the beginning of the 19th century, the American bison roamed the plains by the millions. The massive herds were an extremely impressive sight. What we did to them as a society is utterly appalling and doesn’t show the hunters or should I say killers in a very good light. These majestic animals were taken to near extinction. However, protection and conservation have brought them back to huntable numbers for a select few and only in a small number of states. These are once-in-a-lifetime hunt opportunities, if you are fortunate enough to draw a tag, but...

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Get The Most Of The Texas Coast

The original island life destination, Port Aransas, located on Mustang Island has 18 miles of shoreline and wide, sandy beaches—with everything you need to plan the perfect beach vacation. But this is no ordinary island. Just ask the locals and vacationers who’ve ranked it one of the best beaches in Texas! This gulf coast island offers year-round outdoor activities, from sport fishing and parasailing to birding, dolphin watching, kayaking and the only seaside links-style golf course in Texas. Stroll through town on a rented golf cart, explore the shops, galleries and enjoy an array of restaurants, from “cook your...

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Activities to Hook Kids on the Outdoors

By Mark Kayser You want your kids and your grandkids to embrace the outdoors, right? Unfortunately, countless distractions seize their attention. If you want to get them involved at an early age, consider implementing these 10 activities to hook kids on the outdoors. TAKE A KID HUNTING Whether your targeted child is old enough to hunt or not, you can introduce them to hunting simply by taking them along. Plan accordingly and take them on a hunt when the weather forecast shines. Spring turkey hunting is the perfect match. ENROLL THEM IN A HUNTER SAFETY COURSE If your child...

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