Summer is in full swing and those long summer days are giving us plenty of daylight to enjoy the great outdoors, even after a full day of work. This is a great time of year to share our great outdoor activities with those people not as fortunate to have grown up with camping, fishing and hunting as a way of life. I had both a grandfather and a great uncle that ate, drank and slept the great outdoor experiences. My most memorable times as a child were going fishing and hunting with both of these great gentlemen. It is amazing how much we know yet take for granted when this is how we grew up.

Take going fishing as just a basic example. Where do you go to fish? What kind of species do you catch? What do you do with those fish when you catch them? Can you eat those fish and if so, how do you cook them? Do you need a license to fish for them? What do you need to have in terms of tackle if you go fishing? How do I pick a fishing rod when I decide to buy one? What line do I need to put on it? How do I get line off this spool and onto the spool on my reel. What sort of bait or lures do I need? How do I tie the bait onto the hook? Where do you put the fish once you catch them? How do I prepare them to eat? Does this all sound a little overwhelming?

This is just one tiny little segment of what we do as outdoorsmen and women that we take for granted. You will have a list for every little thing you do out in the woods. There is so much to learn and all of us who have been doing it for years, owe it to the next generation to share these skills. This is essential to the future of our sports. If every one of us took just one person to the woods this year for a hunting, fishing or camping trip, we can easily double our numbers and continue to share these great skills for generations to come. So with all of this in mind, enjoy your summer.

This issue is jam packed with great information. We tackled the extreme cooler test again this year. It had been four years since we put a bunch of these extreme coolers to the test and it was good to see that every company out there is working hard to deliver a better quality product than they did four years ago and they are also reducing the prices. So, this is definitely a win for all of us consumers. We also posted the results of this test as well as the process on the Sportsman’s News Facebook page. If you aren’t following us on this page, please give us a visit, a like and a follow. We share a lot of great product information on there, with real world testing along the way.

On Saturday June 9th, 2018 we held the Sportsman’s News DVD giveaway, which included a $20,000 Red Stag and Tahr hunt in New Zealand with Woodbury Lodge Safari’s on the South Island. Everyone who purchased an SNTV DVD from June 1st, 2017 through May 31st, 2018 and registered that purchase was given a chance to win this great trip. We want to congratulate Gregory Mapel for being our lucky winner on this trip. We also gave away a great Browning rifle that was won by Jim Henderson. If you weren’t fortunate enough to win one of these grand prizes, you will be happy to know that we just released the 2018/19 Giveaway. It will be another $20,000 plus package with “5” grand prizes which will consist of a Trophy Mule Deer Hunt/Canadian Pike Fishing Trip for Two/ $2500 Camping Package/ Browning Rifle/ Winchester Shotgun. See Page 15 for details and make sure you buy your DVD’s and don’t forget to register them. This contest will run through March 30th and we will do a great big TAX DAY GIVEAWAY on April 15th, 2019 and turn this day into something special for a few lucky followers of Sportsman’s News. Best of luck to all.