Evolution! Wikipedia says this is the change in heritable characteristics. Basically, it is an adaption of change over a period of time and as I sit down to write this, Sportsman’s News is evolving. We have been the official publication of Sportsman’s Warehouse for the past 14 years. We have also been doing the Sportsman’s News Television DVD series since September of 2006. We have sold approximately 2-million DVDs during this time. It is amazing how our quality of production has evolved during this same period. We have constantly been changing in this area; standard definition all the way up to 4K video. One thing that was a constant during this timeframe – my philosophy of being a personality people looked up to.

This was never about the Sportsman’s News team. We always wanted to show that we were successful on our trips because we picked the right outfitters, locations, and did our research. I’m proud to say that over the past twelve years of producing over 30 shows a year, we held the line on this very well.

We started doing video product reviews half a dozen years ago. This was to accommodate the desire of people to watch short and informative information on products. We also put these video product reviews onto the DVDs as well as our website and weekly email blasts. They also made their way onto the Sportsman’s Warehouse website.

This has been an amazing experience to build such a large media platform, but it’s time to make another major evolution change. The SNTV volume 6-DVD that is on the shelf right now, will be the very last one we do. I know that there are a lot of you who have watched these DVDs in your homes, travel trailers and cabins while enjoying the great outdoors, so I’m very sorry to deliver this news. I know that the donations to the troops has been a big hit as well and we have already gotten feedback from some of these outlets that they will be sorely missed.

But, just because the DVDs are going away, doesn’t mean that we won’t be delivering this same content in other forms. That is all part of the evolution. With nearly everyone walking around with a thousand-dollar smart phone, you have access to this content without a DVD player. Most smart TVs have YouTube as a regular channel as well. This is also causing the replication of DVDs to become nearly extinct. The lack of demand for production of these is causing costs to go up as well since there are a limited number of locations with the ability to do them. So, it is time to stop hanging onto this older technology of DVDs and move forward.

We ask that anyone who has been purchasing these DVDs for $2.99 to subscribe to the Sportsman’s News Television YouTube channel titled sportsmansnewstv. You will see a lot of the same great content we have been charging $2.99 to watch for over a decade for free now. We are going to have a few special prizes to give away over the next few months for those new subscribers.

Everyone wanting to get multiple tickets into the current giveaway needs to purchase as many of volume 6 of the DVD as possible and get them registered. The official contest rules say this contest will go through March 30th of 2019 and this will still be the case. Anyone who subscribes to the Sportsman’s News YouTube channel during the contest timeframe, which is free, will also be registered for one entry into the contest. So, either purchase a DVD or multiple DVDs while they are still available and get a free entry by being a YouTube subscriber.

We will be giving away over $20,000 worth of trips, guns, and gear on tax-day, 2019. This includes a killer mule deer hunt in northwestern Colorado, a fishing trip for two to Canada, a camping gear package worth $2,500, as well as a rifle and a shotgun. Thanks for all of your support over the past 12 years on this and we look forward to bringing you another phase of life until it is time to evolve once again.
Best of luck this fall.