The month of June means a lot of things to a lot of different people. It could mean that the kids are finally out of school. It could mean that nearly all the western states draw results are finally out and I know what I’m planning for this fall. It could mean that the longest day of the year is here and we get more daylight hours to enjoy the great outdoors. Whatever, it means to you it should definitely mean that summer is here.

We will embrace Father’s Day as well as “Free Fishing Day” for nearly every state in the union also in June. For someone like me who has a fishing license in nearly every state in the west, I take this day somewhat for granted. As a matter of fact, those of us that grew up in the outdoors fishing, camping and hunting with a father, mother, grandfather or other family member take a lot of the knowledge we have for granted.

The vast knowledge that goes into doing a day of fishing is astounding after doing it for five decades. Here is what I mean by this. So, you want to go fishing. You are going to need a fishing rod, reel, line, lures or bait to start with. What type of rod do you need? What type of reel do you need? What kind of line are you going to need to put on that reel? How do you get the line you choose onto the reel you purchased? Are you going to use bait or artificial lures? What exactly are these artificial lures you are talking about? How do I connect the bait or artificial lures to the line? How do I attach the reel to the rod?

Once you get those basics figured out, now there are these major questions you have to deal with: Where do I go fishing? What exactly am I going to catch? Is what I’m doing and where I’m doing it legal? Where do these fish live in this huge lake I’ve chosen to fish? How do I know if the stuff I’ve chosen to fish with is going to work? Once I catch a fish, what do I do with it? Is this fish one that I can keep? Is this fish edible? How do I clean and take care of this fish so that it is edible?

The list of questions is pretty much endless for someone who didn’t grow up with a relative who trained them in the outdoors. This is true for camping and hunting as well, but I just wanted to give the example of fishing. I’m sure that everyone reading this can expand on this initial list even more. The reason to bring this up is the impact that all of us can have by sharing our vast knowledge of the outdoors with someone who isn’t quite so lucky. This doesn’t have to be a child. It can be a neighbor, friend or a coworker that has shown some interest in your fishing adventures.

Now’s the time to use this free fishing day to take someone along and experience the great outdoors. For less than $100, you can get them an entire fishing setup and get them hooked on the experience. I’m sure you all remember that some of your best memories were fishing with family or friends. It’s a great, wholesome experience and it will get those kids away from the electronic devices for at least a few hours. We all know that if you give a man/woman a fish, they will eat for a day. If we teach them to fish, they will eat for life. They might even change the next generation and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Make the most of free fishing days everywhere.

Enjoy the great summer weather and Happy Father’s Day to all you lucky dads.