For anglers looking to free up their hands for pole work, the Lost Creek Angler series of sit-on-top kayaks is an ideal companion to get you away from the bank and out where the fish are.

Utilizing the Impulse Drive pedal motor and a conveniently located rudder controller, the Anglers allow fishermen to move and navigate with minimal effort and less need to tie your hands up with a paddle.

The Impulse Drive utilizes large pedals for movement and the 8:1 gear ratio means that you will have the perfect sweet spot for speed and ease of pedaling. The drive also has a clear splash guard so you can see if your prop gets tangled in the weeds or that big lunker lurking under your boat.

The Impulse Drive will propel the Angler 10 up to 5 MPH/4.3 knots, and the Angler 12 up to 6.2 MPH/5.4 knots, so you can quickly get to where the fish are biting with minimal effort. The drive is easy to lower and stow and is held in place by rock-solid aircraft aluminum mounting blocks that won’t crack or deteriorate from UV radiation in the sun.

The Anglers come in either a 12.4-foot long design, like our test model, or a shorter and lighter 10.4-foot model.

Both feature the Impulse Drive, YakAttack compatible accessory rails, fully adjustable seats, a full-length anchor trolley, and storage compartments fore and aft.

The Angler 12 provides a roomy front deck with bungee lashing large enough to store camping gear, or even a pet or small person, such as a child. The rear storage deck is perfect for a small cooler or a tackle box. The Anglers come with an adjustable track mounted rod holder, perfect for trolling, as well as four additional flush-mounted holders so your favorite stick is always within reach and you can carry a spare for those times where you may break off and want to quickly get back in the action.

Removable scupper plugs attach to the deck and can be used to plug every scupper or open them up to sit lower in the water for more stability for stand-up casting and to keep you cooler on a warm day.

The Angler 12 weighs just 76 pounds, making it one of the lightest sit-on-top fishing kayaks on the market, and the four handles, positioned on the sides, stern, and bow, make it easy for a single person to move and transport.

Both Anglers come in a camo patterned green heavy-duty polypropylene material that will stand up to launching on even the rockiest of beaches.

The Lost Creek Anglers are packed with features, but the best one is that they are hundreds of dollars less expensive than other fishing kayaks in their class, so they are a great value as well.

All told, there are just too many features to mention, so be sure to watch the full video review of the Lost Creek Angler 12 Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak. Or check them out at Sportsman’s Warehouse, the exclusive dealer of the Lost Creek Anglers.