This world class Benelli over and under shotgun is part fine Italian art and part thoroughbred workhorse. It was designed and built with the competition shotgun shooter in mind which is going to make high end shotgun competitors like Ceasar Guerini and Blazer stand up and take notice.

When you pull the 828U Sport out of the box, the AA grade satin walnut stock with pristine checkering screams high quality. It just seems to get better from there. The right-hand palm swell of the pistol grip is barely noticeable with the eye, but when your hand wraps around the stock, it provides an amazing feel. The matte black finish on the steel receiver and barrel compliment the wood nicely. The barrel is topped with a stepped anti-glare carbon rib which includes a sight channel and white front sight. The look is finished off with extended nickel/red Crio choke tubes.

The 828U Sport definitely looks like a top of the line shotgun, but what’s under the hood, so to speak, is what really sets this shotgun apart. You notice when you put this gun together for the very first time that it is significantly different than your standard boxlock action. Benelli’s patented steel locking system eliminates wear and tear on the receiver and hinge where your traditional over and under shotguns tend to fail. This solid steel breech block locks directly to the monoblock which contains all the pressure from a shotshell. This prevents the transfer of pressure to the receiver and the hinge pin. This means that this gun is built to last. A competition style shotgun needs to fit its owner to get the most consistency and accuracy and this thing has a lot of adjustability. It comes with 5 drop and 4 cast shims which will get you the perfect stock fit. The trigger itself is also adjustable. It allows you to slide it forward or back to allow your finger to sit naturally each and every time. Balance of a shotgun is key to shouldering the gun consistently, which equates to accuracy as well. The Benelli engineers have implemented a very innovative system into this gun which utilizes a combination of small weights in the buttstock to achieve this perfect balance for every shooter. Adding or removing these included weights will get the shotguns balance perfect for each individual.

Once the gun is adjusted perfectly for you, taking it to the range is the real treat. It feels like an extension of you and clay targets are in big trouble. With a price tag of just over $4,000, it isn’t going to appeal to someone just wanting an over and under type of shotgun. However, someone looking to shoot competitively and get noticed at the range is going to see this highly adjustable workhorse as a great value and a must-have.