Hearing protection has come a long way in recent years. Electronics have made it possible to protect your ears from damage, while still being able to carry on conversations normally. One of the best options on the market today is the Peltor Sport Tactical 500.

Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Electronic Hearing Protectors feature proprietary 3M SMART technology that automatically adjusts to your environment and firearm being used. The technology measures the energy in gunshot noise as well as echoes in the environment and automatically sets suppression time for optimized comfort and communication. The Tac 500’a are ideal for both indoor and outdoor shooters with their Clear Voice Tracking technology to isolate voices from background noise for clearer conversations and hearing of commands.

The Peltor Sport Tactical 500 earmuffs offer:

  • Active hearing protection based on digital electronics and an automatic Dynamic Suppression Time system that optimizes protection.
  • Clear Voice Tracking system that improves speech intelligibility and keeps the shooter’s hearing protected while allowing him or her to entertain normal conversations or maintain situational awareness.
  • Bluetooth connectivity system, that allows users to sync with mobile devices for uses such as streaming entertainment contents or accepting calls.

Featuring proprietary 3M technology that suppresses harmful gunshot noise while amplifying low-level sounds, the Tac 500’s are ideal for both indoor and outdoor shooters and hunters. Clear Voice Tracking seeks voices within background noise for clearer conversations and hearing of commands.

Peltor has been one of the leaders in vision and hearing protection for years. The Tac 500’s have a noise reduction rating of 26 dB while reducing any sound above 82 dB. In order to reduce the sound of loud noises, the Tac 500’s use “Dynamic Suppression Time” technology. What that means for us regular folks is that the electronics monitor the harsh sounds and echoes to determine how quickly and how much to mute the volume and yes, this feature works very well. They manage to reduce gunshots or loud noises to manageable levels, while still allowing you to monitor the soft report sounds from your firearm and those around you.

Clear Voice Tracking is another great feature of the Tac 500. This technology senses voice levels getting input from the microphones. It then enhances them so that you can clearly hear what others are saying. Even when blowing through multiple rounds, interaction with fellow shooters is possible with this great feature.

Possibly one of the coolest features of the Tac 500 is the built in Bluetooth. This allows you to pair your smartphone to your hearing protection, allowing you to hear incoming notifications from your phone. You can even answer a phone call by pushing the center of the right ear cup. Having the Bluetooth also allows you to listen to music if desired.

The Tac 500’s conveniently fold into a manageable size that fit snuggly into the included carry bag. They are powered by 2-AA batteries, with a rechargeable option available as well. An auto-off sensor is another great feature, enhancing battery life. The Sportsman’s News team never hit the range without our Peltor Tactical 500’s and you shouldn’t either.