One of the key survival skills is the ability to quickly and efficiently light a fire. There are a million tools for this purpose, from wax-soaked makeup pads, to cotton balls and petroleum jelly, to dryer lint. But each of them has limitations and they are usually only useful as tinder for making fire. Pyro Putty changes all of that.

Pyro Putty works by using a wicking action to pull the fuel source, a proprietary blend of flammable oils, up a wick made of fibers. The two are mixed together and placed into a tin for easy transport and use.

Pyro Putty comes in three different formulations; a Summer Blend (orange) that stays pliable in temperatures between 40 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, a thinner Winter Blend (blue) that is pliable between -20 to 70 degrees and their Eco Blend (green) that has the same range as their Summer Blend, but is made with all natural renewable plant-based materials and features citronella to repel insects and ticks.

All three are less messy than petroleum jelly and can be used to seal a leaky seam on a boot or a tent, as a salve on chapped or cracked skin and even contains a UV dye for marking trails at night.

Because it is a putty, thicker and stickier than Vaseline, it can be placed underneath damp wood, so it burns upward, putting heat directly on the fuel source, rather than needing to rest on top where most of the heat is wasted into the air.

Pyro Putty is also waterproof and floats. If it gets submerged, simply squeeze any excess water out of the ball of putty, fluff up the fibers and ignite it via your favorite ignition method.

You can light it with a match, a butane lighter, a Fresnel lens, a ferrocerium rod, flint and steel, battery and gum wrapper or however you like to make a spark. A dime-sized ball will burn for 6-10 minutes. For those really extremely windy days or in high altitude areas, they even make a waterproof plasma Dual Arc rechargeable electric lighter that rapidly ignites the putty and uses no petroleum-based fuel.

Pyro Putty comes in either a 2-ounce tin or a pocket-sized 0.5-ounce tin. You can even get them in a multi-pack with two Winter Blends, two Summer Blends and a single Eco Blend 0.5 ounce cans, so you can spread them around your various packs.

And they aren’t just for emergencies. Use them anytime you are camping and need to get a good fire going. A single 2-ounce tin is good for lighting more than 30 fires. You can even poke a hole in the lid, pull some of the fibers through and use it as a candle.

There are a wide variety of uses and it is a great tool to add to your kit for an emergency. Check out the full line of Pyro Putty products in your local Sportsman’s Warehouse camping department.