For protection from the elements above and below the tree line, Sitka Gear has created the Flash Shelter. The Flash Shelter is a specially designed tarp with six reinforced main tie downs and six evenly spaced intermediate tie downs. These allow the shelter to be configured in a wide variety of ways from an A-frame to a half shelter, to protect you from sun, rain, snow, dust and wind.

The Flash Shelter is designed with a catenary curve to ensure that every edge can be tightened to prevent loose ends flapping in the wind, making noise and throwing rain inside. Reinforced pockets allow the handles of your trekking poles to be inserted to act as support poles. All of the six main reinforced tie downs come with 8-feet of orange tiedown cord with a reflective strand for high visibility at night.

The shelter itself is made of a 40D Ripstop Nylon impregnated with silicone for rugged strength and waterproofness. It is saturation printed in either Optifade Subalpine or Optifade Open Country, so the camo pattern is fully imprinted on either side. This ensures that your shelter is camouflaged when seen from the top or from below. Not only does it provide shade, it provides a UPF of 29 to minimize exposure to UV radiation and provides protection from the sun, which is a real benefit at higher altitudes. The 40D silicone impregnated nylon has a 1,500mm head pressure so it can block or deflect up to a 60-mph wind. If you set it as a wind block behind you while glassing, it will protect you from the blow and if you arrange it like a lean-to, you will get side and overhead protection at the same time.

To maximize space and minimize weight, the entire shelter rolls up into a bag about the size of a standard Nalgene water bottle. It comes in two sizes, a 10-feet by 12-feet or an 8-feet by 10-feet. The 8×10 weighs just 19.3 ounces and the 10×12 weighs just 25.3 ounces. So not only is it a super durable shelter, it takes up minimal space and is worth far more than the weight in your pack. The 8×10 is ideal for one hunter or maybe two if they are cozy and the 10×12 can accommodate two to three hunters easily.

For ultimate concealment, while protecting you from the rain, snow, wind and sun, consider adding the Sitka Gear Flash Shelter to your kit for your next high-altitude scouting trip in the backcountry.