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Adventure On A Budget: The Coues Deer: A DIY Arizona Ghost Hunt

By Terry T. Clapp We often hear of great Coues deer hunting south of the border in northern Mexico. Such hunts have some elements of intrigue indeed, the stuff dreams are made of. But, why not live out your dreams by hunting the mythical ‘gray ghost’, Coues deer of the Desert Southwest in border states like Arizona and New Mexico? A Coues deer hunt in southern Arizona is a friendly place where Coues deer hunting dreams come true. You will be required to leave your long johns at home. Here you will experience the beautiful Sonoran Desert, a few...

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Outdoor Edge WildPak Game Processing Set

By Dan Kidder Managing Editor Whether you are breaking down your game in the field or fabricating cuts of meat in your kitchen, the indispensable tool everyone needs is a good sharp knife that not only takes an amazing edge but is quick and easy to sharpen on the go. For that, the standard blade is 420 stainless steel. It is hard enough to hold a decent age, yet soft enough to allow anyone to quickly touch it up with a stone, steel, or carbide wedge. Basic 420 Stainless is the standard butcher knife material because it takes minimal...

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NWTF- Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.

By Ross Melinchuk NWTF Vice President of Conservation The National Wild Turkey Federation was formed in 1973 to help restore wild turkeys. Thanks to the efforts of state/federal/provincial agencies, corporations, private landowners and passionate NWTF volunteers and staff, wild turkey populations throughout North America have been restored from a historic low of about 200,000 to nearly 6.5 million birds today. The NWTF’s Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative is now focused on maintaining those healthy, sustainable and huntable wild turkey populations for generations to come. An important part of doing that is active habitat management, which includes the...

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