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Relentless Clarity: Leupold’s BX-4 Pro Guide HD Binocular

Relentless isn’t an adjective to use lightly. Relentless means you’re insanely dedicated. You have grit that sets you apart from the rest. A drive that pushes you farther than most; one more draw, one more ridge, one more mile. Leupold has long understood that diehard hunters and outdoorsmen who display these traits demand the same dedication from their gear and binoculars are no exception. The company’s products have long answered the call – and a perfect example is the BX-4 Pro Guide HD binocular. When it comes to filling your freezer, a good binocular can make all the different...

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Big Moose – Alaskan Style

By Michael Duff Alaska, the wildest patch of ground in North America. If you’ve ever longed for the experience of feeling small, lost or overpowered, this is definitely the place you want to be, especially if you have come to hunt moose. The treacherous terrain can be very intimidating. The North American moose is the largest of the subspecies and covers the Alaskan range. In my eyes and I’m sure in many others, they are like sky scrapers with legs. They stand over 7-feet at the shoulders and a large bull’s antlers can tower above 11-feet. Sportsman’s News purchases...

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Pro’s Tips: Silent Night

How to Put A Suppressor Under The Tree In Time For **Next Christmas. By Dan Kidder Managing Editor I just returned from a trip to Finland to visit the Sako rifle factory. While there, we got to do some hunting in the Turku Archipelago on Nagu Island. One thing that really surprised me, being an American, is that nearly every one of the hunters in the Nagu Hunting Club had a suppressor on their rifle. In talking with them, they explained that in Finland, a suppressor is as easy to purchase as a rifle sling or scabbard. They are...

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