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Relentless Performance: Leupold’s SX-5 Santiam HD Spotting Scope

Whether you’re chasing a trophy bull eight miles deep in the backcountry or preparing to stretch the limits of your new long-range rifle setup at the range, one thing remains indisputable; you can’t hunt or shoot what you can’t find. To ensure you’re on target, you’re going to need a spotting scope that’s capable of delivering the relentless performance diehard hunters and shooters demand – the SX-5 Santiam HD Spotting Scope from Leupold. Ready to redefine top-tier spotting scopes, the SX-5 Santiam HD offers premium attributes in a package that has been designed and assembled in the United States....

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Reloading Roundup

Roll Your Own Save Money Better Precision Quality Control More variety Hornady Cam-Lock Case trimmer Getting precision from your rifle cartridges requires starting with the right case length. A consistent case length will affect bullet depth, crimp, chamber pressure, and proper engagement of the bullet with the rifling in your chamber. The Hornady Cam-Lock Case trimmer uses a cast iron frame with adjustable case holder and a cam lever to quickly swap out cases. This system gives precision cut cases with fast cases swaps for consistent case lengths every time. It comes with a set of pilot guides to...

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A top guide gives you insider tips on booking your dream hunt By: Sparky Sparkes Booking a dream hunt can be as frustrating as spending a week with the in-laws on a week-long island vacation or trying to finish a puzzle when you are missing pieces. Although I cannot help you with your in-laws, I have put together some advice to help you put the proper puzzle pieces together to book the proper hunt. There are many choices when looking for an outfitter to book a hunt. Referrals from friends, magazines, TV shows, the internet, Facebook, and more. The...

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