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Discover Geocaching

By Dan Kidder Managing Editor As GPS Technology enters the realm of everyday norm, more and more consumers are drawn into the technology while not fully understanding how to get the most from their expensive purchase. I know that was the case for me when I purchased my first Garmin Rhino a few years ago. Familiar with the GPS devices we used in the military, rugged, bulky, and temperamental as they were, I felt that I would have no problem transitioning to a modern consumer model and using it to track my way through the mountains of Virginia’s Shenandoah....

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Nikon RifleHunter Laser 550 Rangefinder

By Sportsman’s News Pro Staff Whether far away or right in your face, knowing your distance to target can mean the difference between a full freezer and an empty belly this hunting season. Always handy, rangefinders have been a longtime staple of truly successful hunters. The new RifleHunter 550 from Nikon raises the bar on typical rangefinder technology. By including their I/D Technology, Nikon tells you the target’s perceived range rather than its actual distance by computing the angle as well as the range. For example; if your target is 50 yards away in a straight line, but above...

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