Author: Gary Lewis

PacWest Outdoors: Oregon’s High Altitude Backcountry Brookies

Hike-in trails offer fast action for trout in the Cascades By Gary Lewis According to the trail description on the web, this lake was “one of the Mount Hood National Forest’s best-kept secrets.” In the latest Fishing in Oregon book, which has just found its way into my library, the description reads, “The fish here don’t get large, averaging 8-inches.” We began to believe the first description after making two wrong turns that amounted to 15 more miles on washboard tracks than originally budgeted for. If we could just find our road, we could fact-check the length measurements. Packing...

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PacWest Outdoors: I’ll Take A Big Mack And A Medium Koke

Fishing for lake trout and landlocked salmon on Oregon’s Odell Lake. By Gary Lewis Flashers and dodgers, ultraviolet jigs, hoochies, wedding rings and purple scorn… I mean, corn. It sounds like just another night in Las Vegas, but it’s not. It’s kokanee fishing in the high Cascades. On shore, at Shelter Cove Resort, lights began to flicker outside darkened RVs as fishermen sipped their coffee and strung their rods. Already, trolling motors hummed in the stillness of the dawn. In all of fishing, there is no one else like the kokanee angler. These guys help each other, they offer...

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