Author: LisaDeming

Bushnell “THE TRUTH” Laser Rangefinder

When Bushnell,  the leader in laser rangefinders teams up with a leading call manufacture, good things are bound to happen. Team Primos is a well-known company loaded with experienced hunters.   This combination has developed a new laser rangefinder they are willing to put their name and endorsement on. Our testing of this product revealed “THE TRUTH” rangefinder by Bushnell is a very simple and user friendly rangefinder and is offered at a great price.   It is designed and advertised to range from 7 to 850 yards, but during our testing, we were able to pull yardage from highly reflective targets,...

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Pro’s Tips: Why Africa?

By Piet Otto Africa is exciting and unique, the whole world in one continent. With thousands of bird and plant species and an abundance of game, deserts to long white beaches, mountains to outstretched savannas, Africa can satisfy every need. From all over the world, travelers come to Africa to explore the unknown and to live the unpredictable hunting grounds Africa has to offer. They come to see what’s not to be seen or experienced anywhere else in the world. “In Africa everything stinks, sticks and bites. But I am so happy to be back” was the words of...

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Writers Contest: Snow Goose Hunting

By Earl Tuttle I purchased a sewing machine. Not for my wife, but for me. In the course of several years I have just about worn out that machine making snow goose decoys. Hundreds upon hundreds of white decoys have been boxed up, taken from my “man cave” and stacked in the garage. My shed out back is already full of decoys. I can’t figure out this crazy fixation with snow geese. I hunt Canadian geese all fall and even though it is quite a rush, it has not addled my brain like these little white geese.  I was...

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