Established 1966

5420 County Road 531, Hondo, TX 78861

GPS: N 29 16.494 , W 099 10.713

Phone: (830) 426-3476

Email: ranch_777@yahoo.com

Website: www.777ranch.com


Address: 777 Ranch Inc. Established 1966, 5420 County Road 531, Hondo, TX 78861
Phone: 123.4567.890
Business Hours: 8a–6:30p M-F, 9a–2p S-S
GPS : N 29 16.494 , W 099 10.713
Phone :(830) 426-3476
Email :ranch_777@yahoo.com
Website: www.777ranch.com


Whether you are hunting, fishing or game viewing the 777 Ranch offers an unforgettable experience for the whole family. We are one of the world’s most unique holiday destinations. 777 Ranch offers hunting, fishing, and photo safaris all year round and can accommodate small to large groups for a day or a week. The average stay of 3 to 4 nights is required to experience the 777 Ranch’s vast Texas countryside.

Trophy hunting is done “Africa Safari Style” from specially equipped 4 wheel drive 2 door and the new 4 door Jeeps. Also using specially designed “Texas Blinds” for Trophy Whitetail or a “Spot and Stalk” method of hunting exotics.

All Exotic Animals can be hunted all year long, with certain species better hunted out of the traditional Texas winter hunting months.

The 777 Ranch works closely with “Conservation Force” and the US Fish and Wildlife (permit# MAO 13008-0) for all the necessary scientific breeding and culling permits, for all endangered I threatened exotics and whitetail deer. 777 Ranch was one of the first ranches to receive the US Fish and Wildlife permits for the 3 Amigos ( Addax , Dama Gazelle and Scimitar Horned Oryx ) as well as having the permits for Arabian Oryx , Barasingha, Eld’s Deer, and Red Lechwe. These permits require 10% of the income received from these species to be return to conservation projects in the indigenous country of that animal. This is for the purpose of improving the native population of that species.

Nothing gets the heart racing like the sight of a “Big Trophy Whitetail Deer” and at the 777 Ranch through our proven management program, we have ensured that such sighting are not left up to chance. The animal~ of the 777 Ranch are bred on the ranch through selective scientific breeding methods, young males are removed from the breeding herds and allowed to mature and grow into trophy quality animals in large bachelor herds. This allows these bulls & bucks to adapt to their habitat and revert to their natural instincts of avoiding hunters, making a hunt on the 777 Ranch a true hunting experience. –

The 777 Ranch strongly supports the SCI decision on high fence hunting, that all animals MUST be resident on a high fence ranch for 6 months before they can be hunted, and entered into the SCI Record Book.

For over a decade, the 777 Ranch has labored intensively to enhance and improve its whitetail deer through the selective culling of inferior animals as well as the introduction of genetically superior South Texas buck and does. The result has been an extraordinary combination of both quality and quantity of, its whitetail. This allows the hunter to see numerous trophy bucks in their search of that “Buck of a Lifetime”.

A fishing expedition to the 777 Ranch is like no other fishing experience, view exotic wildlife while hooking a ten pound fish, and especially in the spring with top water lures and plugs for the most sought after sport fish in North America, the Large Mouth Bass. Professional guides will accompany you at all times and take you to your choice of numerous well managed lakes and ponds where the bass are waiting for you with open mouths.

We have the following Species available for hunts: , Addax, American Bison, Aoudad Sheep, Arabian Oryx, Axis Deer, Barasingha, Blackbuck, Bongo, Catalina Goat, Common Lechwe, Corsican Sheep, Dove, Dama Gazelle, Eland, Elds Deer, Fallow Deer, Gemsbok Oryx, Grants Gazelle, Hawaiian Black, Hog Deer, Iranian Red Sheep, Kudu, Largemouth Bass, Mouflon Sheep, Nyala, Pere David Deer, Pygmy Goat, Red Sheep, Red Stag Deer, Rusa Deer, Sable, Scimitar Oryx, Springbok, Texas Dall Sheep, Thomson Gazelle, Urial Sheep, Waterbuck, Water Buffalo, Watusi, Texas Whitetail Deer, Wildebeest, Yak, and Zebra,




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