Backcountry Hunts

Address:New Mexico and Texas Hunts

Phone :(575) 361-1053



Backcountry Hunts

Address: New Mexico and Texas Hunts
Phone : (575) 361-1053
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Backcountry Hunts was formed in 1984 and became a full time outfitting business. New Mexico and Texas are the states we focus the business at this time. With my home being here in New Mexico sense 1958 we have had the opportunity to hunt from north to south. The use of landowner permits gives the hunter the opportunity to plan their hunt without the worry of going through the draw. This opportunity is afforded to most all of the game animals here in New Mexico. Oryx have become a highly sought animal with more permits becoming available and year around seasons. With this option there is no reason not to come to New Mexico for at least a two species hunt. New Mexico is known for its big antelope throughout the state. We begin our hunting year in August with antelope in north east New Mexico on a large ranch where the opportunity to take a trophy animal is in your reach. We offer something a little different than the hotel or tent camp with my camps being a Teepee camp with 4 large lodges and a 20/40 gathering tent with a full service kitchen. Not only offering a great hunt but a unique camping experience. As is widely known New Mexico has some of the best Bull Elk taken every year. We hunt nothing but private land for mule deer where there is no draw; many of the ranches we hunt are high desert ranches making the use of good optics a must to find a trophy buck to plan your stalk. All the deer in southern New Mexico will be classified a desert mule deer. We do not want to forget about spring turkey, with Merriam’s bird being the most common species. Most of the turkey hunts take with in a half day driving distance of ranches we hunt for Rio Grande birds in Texas. New Mexico is the only state offering Free Ranging Ibex, this is a draw hunt. For this hunt we will backpack in and stay on the mountain for the duration of the hunt, no climbing the mountain every day. Texas gives us the opportunity to extend our hunting season to year around. We will start hunting Mule Deer, Whitetail, Aoudad and Javelina the day after Thanksgiving. These four species can be hunted at the same time making for unique Texas safari. Texas is well known for its Exotic hunts, we have access to several ranches where Axis to Zebra can be hunted. I do have several ranches where free ranging Axis deer and Blackbuck can be hunted. The best time to hunt Axis is in the spring for they are coming out of velvet and going into the rut.


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You can usually look at an outfitter that has been in business for 25 plus years that does nothing but outfit and almost guarantee that you are with someone who truly cares about their clients, is honest, and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get a great value for your dollar. Steve Jones is the poster child for this statement. Steve started outfitting in 1984 and has grown it to what it is today. He outfits in both New Mexico and Texas. His New Mexico operation encompasses nearly all available species that New Mexico has to offer and Texas rounds things off with the unique subspecies Del Carmen Whitetail, Aoudad, and any exotic that you can possibly think of. We first visited Steve to evaluate his operation on an early spring Aoudad hunt in west Texas where prostaffer Josh Harris killed a whopper 33” free range ram. We enjoyed the trip and overall operation so much, we rebooked for the following year. We recently went back for another great trip and Steve and his team performed as true professionals once again. We harvested a great 29” ram. In our trips to hunt with Steve, he has become a friend and it is obvious to see why he has been in business for nearly thirty years. If you wanted to hunt anything that Texas or New Mexico has to offer, you would do yourself a favor by spending your money with Steve Jones and his team of professionals. – written by Michael Deming



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