Bull Ridge Guide Services

Address:203 Heritage Dr. Ely NV, 89301

Phone : (775) 296-1054

Email :Trevor@bullridge.com

Website: www.Bull-Ridge.com

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Bull Ridge Guide Services

Address:203 Heritage Dr. Ely NV, 89301
Phone : (775) 296-1054
Email : Trevor@bullridge.com
Website: www.Bull-Ridge.com

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We have been guiding in Nevada for over 10 years and in this time we have taken 8 bulls that have grossed over 400″, a few muleys that grossed over 200″, antelope that grossed over 80″ and lions over 150 lbs. What we are trying to say is we give our clients 100% effort in the field to fill their tags.

All of our hunts are fair chase and on public lands. Most hunts are conducted on foot and in four wheel drive vehicles.

We are located in some of the best hunting area’s in the state. We offer hunts for archery, muzzle loader, and rifle hunter. Your game will be fully cared for in the field. We offer transportation from the point of departure (Ely, NV).

Our guides have lived and hunted in Nevada their whole life. We spend countless hours of scouting. We are out there scouting as early as June to find the best animal we can for you to harvest. We are here to provide you with the best chance to fill your tag and make this a hunt of a lifetime.

Predator hunts are available by request. Photos safari’s are available August through September. During this period of time the bulls are getting ready to strip their velvet and into September they are bugling and fighting with other bulls. This is the best time to see monster bull on the hoof. For more information on hunting packages – Email Us.


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Nevada is a rich game environment with world class animals. Chuck and Trevor Marques own and operate Bull Ridge Guide Service. They have grown up in Ely, Nevada and have mastered killing record book Bull Elk, Mule Deer, Desert Rams, Mountain Lions, Antelope and more. Bull Ridge specializes in elk and harvest several trophy bulls each year with clients. Bull ridge can handle all weapon seasons and multiple hunters for each type of season. Nevada is a lottery draw state and hunters need to accumulate preference points for a better chance to draw.

Bull Ridge primarily hunts the Shell Creek range units for elk but have successfully guided other units in the state. They are extremely dedicated to scouting and preparing for hunts. They film animal’s year round to track growth and to show hunters upcoming book bulls. Elk hunts typically start out of Ely and travel to hunt areas each morning. One monster benefit of booking a hunt with Bull Ridge Guide service is that each hunter gets the entire staff. Once a bull is harvested the guides become spotters for the remaining hunters on hunts that have multiple bookings. This is a huge attribute offered and reason they are highly successful at helping clients harvest mature bulls each year.

Mule deer and Antelope hunts also typically start out of Ely unless the unit is too far for daily travel. Bull Ridge also guide all seasons for these species with a very high opportunity and success rate. Hunters wanting to chase and harvest mature bucks will definitely profit from the experience and knowledge. Field judging is crucial in consistently harvesting record book animals. Chuck, Trevor, and their sub guides are highly skilled in this area. Knowing access and where these animals call home also contributes to consistently taking trophies home for clients. Growing up in the area they have an extensive knowledge of the land, and how to access hunt areas and the most efficient way to hunt these animals.

If killing mature animals is high on your list, then you need to contact Chuck and Trevor. They are very passionate about what animals they are pursuing with each client. You will not find a better or more skilled outfitter in Nevada or most western states.

– written by Eric Christensen



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