Dierick’s Tsiu River Lodge

Address: Yakutat, AK 99689

Phone: (907) 784-3625

Website: www.tsiuriverlodge.com


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Dierick’s Tsiu River Lodge
Address: Yakutat, AK 99689, USA
Phone: (907)784-3625
Website: www.tsiuriverlodge.com
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Dierick’s Tsiu River Lodge has been Family owned and operated since 1997. Greg Dierick and his father, Ed, built the lodge on the Tsiu River after over forty years of fishing here in this Alaskan wilderness paradise. The Dierick family’s experience on fishing on the Tsiu River is the same experience they want to share with you.

The fishing lodge is located 120 miles north of Yakutat, Alaska nestled between the Wrangell-St. Elias Mountain Range and the Gulf of Alaska. The Tsiu River, pronounced “si – u,” is a clear, pristine river that is home to a world-class run of silver salmon (Coho). The Tsiu River is shallow and has a sandy bottom which makes it easy and safe to wade across. Whether you are a fly fisherman or you want to spin fish, you will have the time of your life fighting these aggressive silver salmon as they pour into the river on their upstream migration.

Our season here in Alaska at the Tsiu River Lodge runs from the first week of August until mid-October. During this time, you will be able to sight cast to thousands of chrome bright silvers, fresh in from the Gulf of Alaska. There are massive numbers of silver salmon in the Tsiu River at this time as it is the peak of the salmon run.

Silver salmon are not the only quarry that we pursue at Tsiu River Lodge. Steelhead start running in September and continue through the remainder of the season. Although more wary and elusive than the silver salmon, these fish are prized for their cart-wheeling, aggressive battles that frequently test the limits of your fishing tackle. So, come and join us for a wonderful Alaskan wilderness adventure that you will never forget!

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Fantastic is the first word that comes to my mind when I talk about Alaska’s Dierick’s Tsiu River Lodge. Fall fishing for big, acrobatic silver salmon simply doesn’t get any better than this, believe me! With a yearly estimate of around 120,000 returning silvers, being condensed into about a six mile section of river results in literally non-stop action for fly fishermen and spin casters alike. And these are not your run of the mill silvers either, averaging 10-12 pounds, with more than their share weighting in from 15-20. Hook into one of these babies and your are truly “Off to the Races”.

Accommodations consist of eight 12′ x 20′ cabins, sleeping two to four guest each, depending on the size of your individual group. Each cabin has a full bathroom as well as electric heaters to keep you nice and cozy after a long day on the river. The camp also includes a large main building for family style meals and I guarantee that you will not go away hungry with the great creations that Chef Mike will have on the menu morning, noon and night!

There is also a recreation room available for tying up your favorite flies or just to relax in while sharing stories with your new friends during your stay. Other great amenities are the separate drying room for all of your gear after a great day on the water and their fish processing room where their staff will clean, fillet, freeze and box your fish for your return home. With very liberal limits of four for silvers per day, you will have no problem in taking home plenty of bright fillets for your family and friends.

So if you are looking for possibly the best silver salmon fishing in all of Alaska, give Greg and his staff a call today to book your next great outdoor adventure.

– written by Kent Danjanovich



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