Pybus Point Lodge

Address: Juneau, Alaska

Phone : (800) 947-9287



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Papierski’s Big Game Hunts

Address: Craig, Colorado

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Pybus Point Lodge is located in an area where you could easily plan to explore the surrounding cities and experience the culture of South-East Alaska. While at the lodge, we offer a variety of activities for you, the guest. From the vast diversity of the Alaskan frontier, to the ocean and freshwater fishing, we are sure you will find the right adventure for your enjoyment. While Pybus Point Lodge is mainly a fishing lodge, you can do other activities such as hiking in the back country, whale watching, or as simple as sitting in a peaceful setting, enjoying the beauty that is Alaska. We offer 20′ boats to take out in the evening to explore the back country, or to fish in one of the many streams nearby. We also have guide assisted crabbing and shrimping for you to experience as a part of your stay here at Pybus Point Lodge. No matter if you are a novice or an expert fisherman we are sure your experience here at Pybus will be memorable and will provide you with many stories to take back home.


Pybus Point Lodge on Admiralty Island is truly a Sportsman’s Paradise. All five species of salmon, along with giant halibut and other bottom dwellers are plentiful in the waters surrounding the beautiful mountain peaks of this Alaskan wilderness. Brown bears inhabit the woods, eagles soar the skies above and whales can be seen spouting as far as the eye can see. Now you know why I spend so much time traveling the waters of Alaska in search of the best destinations available. And, Pybus Point Lodge sits right in the middle of one of the most spectacular settings you will ever see, anywhere in the world.

For those of you that have not visited the inner passage of Alaska, the biggest advantage of these waters is kind of like comparing the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Cortez. I have never witnessed a really rough day on these waters, with many days with the waters as smooth as glass. The other big advantage is you don’ t have to travel miles and miles to get to great fishing grounds.

Our Platinum Approved Outfitter status doesn’t come easy and the lodges that we visit have to show the qualities that we are looking for. Accommodation, great food and quality service are a must and the opportunity to harvest a good animal or haul in big numbers of fish are definitely all part of the equation. Scott Jorgensen and his staff excel in all of these areas and they make sure that you will have the experience of a lifetime when visiting their inner-passage, southeast Alaskan hide-a-way. – written by Kent Danjanovich



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