I) OVERVIEW: SPORTSMAN’S NEWS is the official publication of Sportsman’s Warehouse stores and the largest free outdoor publication in America. We publish 180,000 print copies monthly and they are distributed through select outlets and in each Sportsman’s Warehouse store across the country. Additionally, we distribute an expanded DIGITAL EDITION to more than 750,000 readers each month. We cover articles of interest to hunters, fishers, campers, backpackers and others who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. We do not write about team sports, golf, watersports, surfing, skiing or topics more inclined to an audience more likely to enjoy granola than steak. Our readers drink black coffee, sometimes spiked with whiskey, not lattes. If an article contains the word Venti anywhere in the text, it is not a good fit for our readers.

II) GUIDELINES: The following guidelines are not suggestions, but mandatory to be considered for inclusion in SPORTSMAN’S NEWS.

A) Content: To be considered for publication, submitted articles must meet certain criteria.

  1. Original Content: The article may not have appeared in another publication and must be submitted by the author. You may not submit an article on behalf of another person. The one exception is if the submitter is acting as an agent on behalf of a non-human. Some of our most entertaining articles were submitted by humans on behalf of their canine companions.
  2. Ownership: Upon publication of any article submitted, the article will become the property of SPORTSMAN’S NEWS and may be used and re-used for various means of dissemination at our discretion.
  3. Payment: In some cases, SPORTSMAN’S NEWS may contract with various authors for commissioned articles. In these cases, payment will be provided for work submitted under copyright law governing WORK FOR HIRE. If a pre-arranged contract for payment has not been made, then SPORTSMAN’S NEWS will not pay for submitted articles and any author submitting an article without a pre-existing contract understands that the work may be published without payment. BY SUBMITTING YOUR ARTICLE FOR PUBLICATION, YOU AGREE THAT THE WORK MAY BE USED WITHOUT ANY CONSIDERATION. All pre-contracted writers must submit a Form W-9 available from the IRS website.
  4. Interest: Articles which are most likely to be considered for publication involve instructional or informative content. D.I.Y., How-To, Recipes and the like. We will not accept articles for the cover or that involve an outfitter without previous authorization from the Publisher. The only exception to this is articles submitted for our Outdoor Writing Contest. We publish no poetry, fiction or other creative writing and only the occasional first-person essay. Before submitting an article it is suggested that you do a search on our website to see if this is a subject we have previously published.
  5. Gear Reviews: Gear reviews will not be accepted as each review we do is considered an endorsement of this product and our reputation is at stake. All product reviews will be written by SPORTSMAN’S NEWS staff and only after having received the product to be reviewed in hand for testing. No review will be written on any product that we have not personally and thoroughly tested. We do not write negative reviews. If a product does not meet our expectations, we will simply decline to publish a review on that product. Products for review may be sent to SPORTSMAN’S NEWS MAGAZINE, ATTN: MANAGING EDITOR, 2322 W. INDUSTRY WAY, CEDAR CITY, UT 84721. Products sent for review will be kept for use by SPORTSMAN’S NEWS staff, as giveaway promotional items or otherwise disposed of, unless accompanied by a pre-paid return shipping label. Consumables, such as food and ammunition, will not be returned. SPORTSMAN’S NEWS does not pay for products to review, as it is company policy that we will not pay to market your business. All products reviewed must be available for sale at Sportsman’s Warehouse at the time the review is published.
  6. Department: If you are submitting an article for one of our repeating columns, the article must contain the name of the department in the slug at the top of the article, i.e. OUTDOOR WRITING CONTEST, ADVENTURES ON A BUDGET, PRO’S TIPS, etc.

III) FORMATTING: All articles submitted for publication must use the following formatting guidelines:

  1. Microsoft Word: We accept articles drafted in Microsoft Word. We are unable to open or read documents composed in other word processing programs. If you wish to submit an article and do not own MS Word, please download the free Open Office application and save your document as a .dot file. Any tables for inclusion in the article should be created using MS Excel and sent as a separate document with a placeholder in the MS Word document where you would like the table to be inserted such as [INSERT TABLE 1 HERE]. Do not attempt to create a table within the MS Word document by using tabs or spaces as they will not align properly when imported into our layout program.
  2. Layout: Do not attempt to format the article by using tabs, insets, different fonts, bolding, italics, etc. We will format the article when we lay it out. Do not use spaces or tabs to inset the first line of text in a paragraph. Do not use multiple line breaks or returns between paragraphs. Do not use more than a single space between sentences.
  3. Credit: All articles must contain a slug line at the top with the following information:

Headline: A suggested headline for the Article. We may edit for content or space.
Byline: Your name as you would like it to appear in print.
Word count: How many words in the article.
Department: If not for a specific department, just list as General.

  1. Punctuation: Proper punctuation must be used. If in doubt, please refer to Elements of Style by Strunk and White or Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss. We do utilize the Oxford comma. Exclamation points should be used very sparingly and no sentence should ever, under any circumstances, contain more than a single exclamation point. Ellipses or the three periods should never be used where a comma would be more appropriate. The only time … should be used is to denote a trailing off thought. If linking together two thoughts, then a dash (-) should be used. Otherwise, use a comma.
  2. Style: SPORTSMAN’S NEWS uses the AP Stylebook and all questions of style for date, time, abbreviations, etc., should be consistent and follow AP Style Guidelines. Please pay special attention to the use of ordinal and cardinal numerals as well as beginning sentences with numerals.
  3. Photos: All articles must be accompanied with photos. Photos should be at least 300 DPI and must be no smaller than 1 Mb in file size. Photos should not be embedded within the article, but sent as separate attachments via email, DropBox or WeTransfer. We do not accept Google Drive or links embedded into emails. If you have questions about how to submit photos, please contact the Managing Editor. Authors assume all liability for copyright permission and are required to either own the copyright of any submitted photos or to acquire permission to use any submitted photos. All photos submitted must have photo captions. These should be included in the original article in a section at the end with the file name of the photo and a caption for the photo. This will look like the following:




DSC_1234: John Doe with a very nice fish.
DSC_2345: The author with a nice mule deer.

All photos of people should list the full names of the subjects from left to right.

We accept all photos provided that the files meet our publication requirements:

  1. Slides and transparencies: we no longer accept film submissions. Our workflow is entirely digital.
  2. Digital files: Please send 8-bit, high-resolution TIFF or uncompressed JPEG files on a CD or DVD. We don’t accept RAW format files, as there are too many versions of RAW to accommodate into our workflow. We prefer digital files that have only little or no color correction or sharpening. Some of this work must be performed on our end, in order to optimize photos correctly for process-color magazine printing. We calibrate our color workflow and monitors to color keys provided by our printer, so it’s important that we receive images in a relatively untouched state.

Digital photos must meet minimum resolution requirements for printing.
At minimum, we prefer a photo to be at least 8”x10” at 300 pixels per inch. Ideally, we prefer photos that are 11”x17” (a full 2-page spread in the magazine) at 360 pixels per inch. The bottom-line: the higher the resolution and size of your image, the larger we can feature it in our pages.We do not return CDs and DVDs submitted to us unless specifically requested. We do not honor holding fees. We do not acknowledge receipt of submissions unless you send them by certified mail.Metadata, caption and credit information: All photos must be labeled or include metadata and keywords that include your name and credit written as you wish the photo credit to read. We strongly encourage you to include metadata and it increases the likelihood that your photos will be selected for publication.

  1. Competitors: Because we are the Official Publication of Sportsman’s Warehouse, no mention of competing outdoor retailers may be made in any article, nor may any subject of any photo feature or display the logo of any competing outdoor retailer. This includes the wearing of branded apparel.
  2. Use of Profanity: Because we are a family publication, no article may contain profanity. Any article submitted that contains profanity will be edited to remove any profane words. For this purpose, profanity includes any words or concepts not suitable for children.
  3. Safety: SPORTSMAN’S NEWS will not accept nor publish any article that promotes unsafe activities. We do write about firearms and all basic firearms rules of safety and safe practices must be followed and advocated at all times in any content, including the proper use of eye and ear protection. All off-road vehicle content involving minors must feature helmets and appropriate protective equipment and all boating activities must feature PPDs for anyone under the age of 18.
  4. Legality: SPORTSMAN’S NEWS will not publish any material that advocates any illegal activities. By submitting any article, the writer agrees to follow all applicable laws regarding possession of firearms and having all applicable licenses and tags required for harvesting game. We assume no liability for any illegal activity of the author. The writer agrees to hold SPORTSMAN’S NEWS and its staff harmless for any damages for publishing any illegal activity by the author.
  5. Consent: By submitting an article for publication in SPORTSMAN’S NEWS, the author agrees that he has read and will abide by these guidelines. SPORTSMAN’S NEWS is never under obligation to print any article submitted, even those that are contracted. Articles are considered accepted upon publication. SPORTSMAN’S NEWS reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason at any time. Contracted articles may be published at any time on a space available basis, at which point payment will be submitted to the address provided on the W-9 on file within 30 days of publication.
  6. Inquiries: All submissions, inquiries, or questions regarding publication should be sent to info@spotsmansnews.com.